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Hi mr harper!

I've just created (here) a selection of scenarios for Agon, I hope they can help (or at least inspire) other players.

The only detail: it is in Spanish!

Cool! Thank you. :)


So I recently lost access to a account that I bought a few ttrpg on but still have the pdf on my PC so I'm try to see if it would be possible to get a copy connect to this account instead I understand if that's not possible 

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Hey Mr. Harper, can I translate the free players kit to PT-BR?


Yes, please do!


Thanks! I've did it, and attached the translation of the sample island, Kryos, if that's ok! You can check the file in this link.


That looks good! Thank you.


Hello, I already bought rulebook in other language(korean), so I only need additional islands. Can I buy it individually?


We're sending the additional islands to the Korean publisher, so hopefully they'll make them available soon.
Contact me at my email address (oneseven at gmail) if there's a delay and I can get them for you.

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DTRPG shows File Last Updated: December 29, 2020

What was the change?


Added bookmarks to the PDF.

I got it on DTRPG for the POD and... wow.
I have a question about divine favor. Does the honored god has 4maximum divine favor or it's just 2 like the others and I ignore the bottom box?


You can have 4 Divine Favor with your honored god.

Sorry, Any way to get the hardcover version in Europe? (for non kickstarter people)

A softcover POD is on DriveThru:

And you can get the hardcover from Leisure Games store in the UK. Or your local game store can order it through the usual distribution channels.

if you’re lucky the spährenmeister may have a copy in stock


Great game, really impressed. So much so that I bought an additional copy here to fund the Community Copies initiative - great work.

Thank you!


Hey I recently bought Agon and loved it! The Kickstarter (which i missed) got some extra Islands as Stretchgoals. Is there any way to buy or get these, even if i missed the Kickstarter?

Would absolutely love extra material!


Yeah, after all the islands are delivered to the backers, we'll probably make the collection available as a supplement pdf.


Hi John, I'm one of the fortunate ones to have claimed a community copy. It's a wonderful thing you did to let people such as myself get a PDF of your wonderful game, I wanted to say thank you for making such a kind gesture. The game looks spectacular and I hope it does well and gets the support it needs, and when Covid-19 is all over and done with and my mental health improves I hope to get some money together to buy a physical copy as repayment, and to let others know about the game as well as your other titles. Stay safe <3


Thanks for the kind words. You stay safe, too. <3


Back to say I just bought my physical copy! Cheers John <3

Awesome! Thank you!

Are any further community copies likely to available in the future?

Yep. Every time I hit 10 sales, I put up a new batch of community copies. Sales slowed way down after the initial surge so it's taking longer now to refill.

That makes total sense, I suspected it was something in that vein - thanks for the swift reply!

Hi! Is the sample island playable or is it just an example of what is inside the game book? I read it and it seems to me that is the latter, right? Looking forward for a community copy. 


I'm not John Harper, but I've run the game;  The sample island above is both.  It's what's in the book for that island and is completely playable.  The islands aren't "D&D adventures" with everything mapped out.  They're starting situations+threats+possible final battle assistance.   And as it turns out, they're pretty close to everything you need to run an Island. The rest of what you need is the GM procedure in the book, or something like it.

This game looks super interested. Hope to find a chance to get it and play with friends 


Just to make sure, this is 2nd edition Agon, right?

Yep! (see the Release Date section of the page)


Hello everyone. I would like to request one of the copies of this fantastic game. I have been following John Harper's work for a long time and I am part of the people who will not be able to pay the value of the game, as the dollar converted to the currency of my country, Brazil, is R $ 85.20. I understand if it is not possible to meet this request, but in the face of the pandemic that we are going through, that amount would be sorely missed. thanks for listening.

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Hello! I will add more community copies to this page in one hour at 12:00 Pacific time. Come back and grab one of you can. If that doesn't work out, let me know (send me an email: oneseven@gmail -- with your email address and I can provide a download key).

hello John Harper. thank you very much for your feedback. I will wait for the new free copies to be accessible. if not, I will proceed as directed. Thank you one more time.

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Hey John, sorry for bothering you, just wanted to know if there would be more community copies being added here. Thank you for your time


Yep! I add a batch of community copies when sales hit multiples of 10 (instead of doing one at a time). I'll try to do it at a regular time -- around noon Pacific.

Fantastic! Thanks John.