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Hi! Could we get some more community copies please? I'd like to have a read before ordering a hard copy. Cheers!

Hello! I have bought several physical copies of BitD over the years but am surprised to realize that I’ve never purchased nor received the PDF before 😱

I was wondering if I could show my Amazon receipt(s) for the book(s) I’ve bought and potentially get an download key for the PDF? 🙏


Sure, no problem. You can send me an email -- oneseven at gmail.

Thank you! I’ve sent the e-mail.

I missed the new batch of community copies D:

Did something happen to the community site? I can't access it anymore :(


It's broken right now, but we're working on getting back up.


Hey there! Could we get a few more community copies please? I've been trying to catch one for ages now but haven't had any luck so far unfortunately.

I just added another batch. Let me know if you don't get one and I can send you a code.

Got one, thanks a bunch!


Oof, I was hoping to catch one of these copies today, but they (as always) fly like hotcakes.  Is the best strategy just to keep checking in Sunday nights/Monday mornings?

I just added another batch.


So, any more copies? Can't see them on mondays :(


Just added a new batch.


Got it! thanks a lot, John!


I read Blades for the first time after getting hit by hurricane Ian and i have been very much obsessed with the setting since DAY ONE! I have yet been able to actually play yet but I played the hack World of Blades and loved it so i can't wait to see what playing the OG is like one of these days! 

But I did do an episode all about Blades on my podcast that has fun exploring TTRPGs!

Thanks for the link to the podcast! I'll check it out.

I need more blades! Not FitD, BLADES!
I've played many campaign, as a GM or scoundrell, read the books, stalkered the discord...
I've tried many booklet, write my own, write some starting scenes...

Did you think there will be some new blades content?
expansions? isles? splatbook? anything really...

my vice is definitely blades :D

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Hi John!

Will you still add new community copies? I've been staring but never caught one,so……please? A lot of thanks!


Yep, I add them on Mondays. There are some still left right now.


yeahhh!Love you,bro!

Hi John - 

I was wondering if you still put up community copies here and there? (I'm been checking on Mondays lol)

Yeah, I do. They go fast! I'll add some extras today.

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Cool, I didn't get on last couple Mondays, but I will try to catch them this coming one!

There are some available now. If you don't get one, let me know and I can help out.

Claimed! Thank you so much!

Hello there, John. Any plans to release further Community Copies? Many thanks!

There are new community copies up now. If you don't manage to snag one, shoot me an email (oneseven@gmail) and I can get one to you.

Thank you, John. Very much appreciated!


Possibly one of the finest table top RPGs on I've ever had the fortune to run.

John, I love Blades in the Dark! I bought a hardcopy and BitD OMM version. I have a question. I have been inspired to write a novel set in the BitD universe. I understand that the open game license does not allow this. Is there any other way I could do this? Thanks.

If you don't sell it and acknowledge that it's fan content, isn't that allowed?


I just practically fell over myself to pre-order the Blades X OMM collaboration when I found out about it (even with the £ at a thirty year low vs. the $!), but was wondering if there is any way that I can now get a discount on the .pdf version of the rules too?

Unfortunately, I don't currently have a way to do that. I'll talk to OMM and see if there's a way to integrate it, but I can't make any promises.

Thanks for replying and fingers crossed. I would love to be able to  pay full price, but after pre-ordering Blades x OMM collab and also buying Scum and Villainy a couple of weeks back, I really can't justify a third full price payment - I don't even have a group to play then with XD.


Shoot me an email (oneseven at gmail)

I hope you can still add a Community Copy for me. Thanks.


There are some community copies available now! Let me know if you don't get one and I can send you a code.

Many thanks I managed to get a code.

Whew you weren't kidding when you said these disappear fast. I'm around 5 hours late, but if it wouldn't be too much to ask, could I have a code too?


Yeah. Send me an email and I'll get you one. oneseven at gmail.

Received - tyvm!!


Huge Huge Huge fan of blades! I just ran my second session of a campaign and its a really excellent rule set, works spectacularly smooth and streamlined as well as a good fit for the world described in the lore!

Will there be a community copy in the future?


Yes, I add them regularly, but they disappear fast. I'll do another batch tomorrow (they usually get added on Monday).


Out of curiosity, do you still add them? And if you even do so, is there anywhere I can get updates/notifications for them?

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Yeah, it's down right now. The site admin is working on it.


Site is back up.

dont worry, its just some new world building lore /j

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Hi Mr. Harper, i am just passing by to tell you how i very much love Blades In The Dark. I have GMed the game several times and all of us had a ton of great fun everytime we were strolling and adventuring around the incredibly well written City of Doskvol. I really love the city and all the intrigues inside, Mr. Harper. It really inspires me on how to worldbuild an intricate city for my TTRPGs.

Thank you so much for making the SRD available to all of us so we can make many many wonderful Forged In The Dark games too, Mr Harper. Many of my other favorite TTRPGs are also Forged In The Dark games.

I actually have a question about one part of the game since i'm planning to run a longer campaign, Mr. Harper, and perhaps, fellow Blades In The Dark GMs in can also help me with your insights guys.

It's about the the Crew's Profits.

It is written in the rulebook under PC and Crew's Advancement that,


Every time the crew advances, each PC gets stash equal to the crew Tier+2, to represent profits generated by the crew as they’ve been operating.

My question is, does our crew get the profit everytime the crew get new advancement and fill the XP track compleletely?

Or is it only when the crew advances and rises their tier, Mr. Harper, guys?

What do you think, Mr. Harper, guys?

Thank you so much in advance for your help and insight guys.

Best regards.


Glad you're enjoying the game.
The PCs get profit every time the crew fills their XP track and earns an advance.

Ah that's great, i read it correctly then.

Thank you so much for the answer, Mr. Harper.

Best of luck on all of your future projects, sir. Take care, sir.

Is there more Community Copies available?


I add them in batches regularly, usually at the start of the week. They go fast, though.

Okay, I’ll check regularly and hope I got one. Thank you for replying!


I don't think this is the right place to contact you, but I don't have twitter so oh well!

I did a mash up of Blades in the Dark and Roll for Shoes!


Hey John, your work is amazing.


Thank you!

Hi John, I got the Bundle for Racial Equality and downloaded the player manual but when I tried to download the character sheets it came up with an error message saying the key for this product is owned. I now get that message if I click download for either file. Any suggestions? Thanks!

I don't know why that would happen. Sounds like something itch would have to fix (I can't control access through the bundle).

You can get the character sheets at, though.

Hi John, I got the Bundle for Racial Equality, and I found this title in the list of products. How do I claim this? Thanks!


Go to the bundle page: then click the "Download" button, then on the next screen, "Search  by title" to get to Blades in the Dark.


Wow I feel silly. Thanks so much! Really cool of you to go out of your way to help my dumb butt. This looks like an incredible game! Thanks for all your hard work to give us a great experience!

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I know it's a long shot, but are there versions of the PDFs that are editable in Illustrator? I would love to modify the maps of Duskwall to fit my own fantasy city, but importing the documents to Illustrator totally breaks the formatting.

This is genuinely one of the best TTRPGs ever made, and it speaks to me on so many levels. Big fan, bought the book, money well spent.


No, there aren't any directly editable versions of the maps. The full-page maps in the Player's Kit ( are vector-based, and you can get to the "parts" in AI, but yeah, the formatting of text gets turned to outlines.


All good. Thank you so much for the personal reply! Again, this is a really wonderful collection of rules. Absolutely love it.

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An imagintive world in a dark, foreboding style rarely seen.  (The game does cite the Dishonoured video games as an influence.)  The mechanics are simple, so if you have imaginative group  of new to TTRPG players this could be the ideal game.  You do not need to go in with detailed plans, you need to be prepared to take a lot of notes as both the GM and players .  

Also check out its space opera sibling, Scum and Villany.  


I figured that I'd throw up a comment and say that this probably my favorite game to GM of all time. The book is written expertly, and gives the GM tons of mechanics to sink into that make GMing super easy and low prep compared to a lot of games (Looking at you, DnD). It's powered by the apocalypse, and as such, it runs well via online play.

Even if you don't think you can sell your players on the theme, check the game out anyway, there's tons of awesome stuff to crib for your other games (the concept of clocks, downtime action suggestions, steal a whole faction if you wanna)


I just wanted to say thank you for contributing to the bundle, John! I've wanted to check out Blades for a long time, and this gave me the perfect excuse to dive in. All the best!

Hi! Just picked this up in the bundle, and I'm excited to check it out. Would you say it works with online play? And if so do you think it would require roll20/FG or just work over discord?


I've run it over Zoom and I think it generally works well.  It's not reliant on specific positioning or maps as some other games, so it works well online with minimal tooling.


Yep! It works well online, and the Roll20 character sheets are very good.


Thanks, John.  For this awesome game, and for contributing to the bundle. My friends and I just started playing a crew last weekend.  There's no doubt we'll all donate to this great cause.