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I'm a high school teacher outside of Boston who finally got to teach an (analog) game design class this year. On day 2 of the story games unit, I just did my best to GM four versions of the Raptor at the same time...and students were into it!

Next class, they're all going to be hacking this into 2 stat RPGs of their own. My examples:

A Grey's Anatomy RPG using Hots and Guts

A Love Island RPG using Wits and T*** / Talks and C****, depending on gender ;)

Thanks for the inspiration and the resource -- it's still great!

glad you and your students are enjoying it!


There is something to be said about a game that's still being hacked ten years after its release. I am guilty of it too, of course. Made a Thing as a homage to another game I love deeply, if you want to check it out it's here!


This was one of the games played at a little local TTRPG event at my city, I didn't get to play it because the table got full fast but it looked SO FUN I just HAD to try it for myself!!! Thanks so much!!!

Hope you enjoy it!


Absolutely love this little game! So, of course I’ve made my own clock-punk hack of it called Clocks and Punks ⚙️🤘 Check it out:


Yet another hack for this gem of a game! This time with werewolves, inspired by a Werewolves song by King Dude. Enjoy When the Werewolves Have Their Way:
Cheers from Poland John!


We just did an actual play on our channel of Lasers & Feelings and we had a blast

I just wrote a breakdown of the different sections of this game (and tried to extrapolate broader design patterns). You can check out the article on my substack.


Everyone's favorite little hackable game. So simple that anyone can shape it into whatever they want it to be.


A little gem of ttrpg design. I had my own fun with a little Studio Ghibli hack, Porco & Marco.

I can see that both keywords "prepared" and "expert" are in bold in the document, yet they are not defined in the rules. Are we to assume that it is the GM who makes the decision whether a player is "prepared" or an "expert" for the situation? Thanks for the confirmation.

The group can make the call together. Usually, "expert" means that your character's Style or Role applies to the situation.


Dear John many thanks for the quick reply. That is a really good idea to integrate the Style or Role into defining Expert or Prepared. Thanks for the clarification. There is a lot more depth in this document than it appears...


Thanks for updating the license. I had a blast designing a TMNT-inspired hack.


One of my favorite games with a million variants of it. Surprised no one has hosted a jam of it. 


If I understand license for L&F (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) correctly, it would be illegal to release commercially game, that is based upon Lasers & Feelings, right?


I updated the license to allow for commercial games. See this devlog post here:


Lasers & Feelings is the best way I've found to encourage reticent but curious players to be enticed into the world of RPGs! Excited about the possibilities of the CC update and hope it can expose more people as the gateway to Tabletop. Thanks John Harper, much respect.


My tabletop design class used your game as an example of great experimental rpgs! It was really fun DMing, and I used your game as a heavy inspiration for mine. Thank you so much for designing something so great!


Very cool! Thanks for letting me know. :)


I've played this a while ago (our GM did no prep whatsoever) and really enjoyed the simplicity of the rules and the fun little details strewn throughout the document. The graphic design is also awesome. Thanks so much for making this (and for inspiring a bazillion hacks)!


Glad you enjoyed it!


I run a program for teens playing tabletop games, and this has been the one I've spent (ironically) the most time prepping for, and the teens have had a fantastic time so far.