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Breakers is a modern day dungeon-crawling game, based on World of Dungeons. It's Ghostbusters meets D&D!

The magical realm of Kyvr'ax has collided with Earth, shearing the dimensions and creating a mashed-up borderland between our reality and the monster-infested domain of the wizard Kai Shira Kai. You play working-class heroes who explore the twisted Break seeking fame and fortune. But don't stay too long, or the Cloud of Woe will surely find you!

Number of players: 2-6
Age of players: 10+
Length: 2-4 hours per game session
Page Count: 4
Release Date: 2016

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
AuthorJohn Harper
GenreRole Playing
TagsAction-Adventure, Dungeon Crawler, Fantasy, One-shot, Tabletop


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Thank you for creating amazing games!
Published a Polish translation of Breakers here: https://tradervic12.itch.io/breakers-pl

Awesome! Thank you so much.


Hi! Thank you for this fun game 😊
I published a French translation here: https://lucas-c.itch.io/world-of-dungeons-turbo-breakers-fr

Thank you!


Hi. Just want to put here that the following is working well as a solo creativity/story engine for me at the moment: Maze Rats (https://questingbeast.itch.io/maze-rats) for generative random tables, World of Dungeons: Turbo (http://onesevendesign.com/breakers_wodu_turbo.pdf) for setting frame, system and characters, and Ray Otus' Oracle (https://rayotus.itch.io/oracle) as the Mythic GME in minature. Quite light, highly portable. Maze Rats and World of Dungeons (Original and Turbo) have a "two sides of a coin" quality. Both (from author interviews) looked to Into the Odd for inspiration as well.  Really awesome stuff!