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World of Dungeons is a simple, quick-play, dungeon crawling game, using one of the core mechanics from the Powered by the Apocalypse rules system.

It's compatible with Old School Renaissance and original D&D monsters, dungeons, and adventure modules.

Number of players: 2-6
Age of players: 10+
Length: 2-4 hours per game session
Page Count: 3
Release Date: 2012


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world_of_dungeons_1979.pdf 10 MB
world_of_dungeons_1979_bw.pdf 582 kB


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This is honestly one of my favorite games. If you are an experienced GM then this is perfect for introducing new players to the hobby. Brilliant writing.

Hi John! I love runining World of Dungeons but I'm looking to make a swedish translated character sheet. Would that be ok?

Yes, that's ok!

Is the PDF available to edit somewhere? Again, thanks!

John, does this game's license allow hacks?


Yep! It doesn't say it in the text, but it's licensed the same way as Dungeon World: Creative Commons, attribution.

Wonderful. :)

Hi John! Did you actually design this in 1979, or is it part of the name?

That was just a bit of fun. It was made in 2012.

Ohkay! The game seems interesting to say the least. Too bad I don’t have people to try it with :(

Hi John, is there anywhere someone (me) could download the cover art too?

Not quite sure what you mean... there is no cover.

Just the cool image with the title and the map that is on the banner of this page.

The banner is the only place that exists.